Who We Are

Everything we do at Verified is made possible by an amazing group of people, from our core team, to our supporters, to our users and fans. These are just our most visible faces.


Aidan McCarty
Founder, CEO | Business Lead
Liam McCarty
Founder, CEO | Technical Lead


Greg Rosston
Chairman of the Board, Stanford Federal Credit Union | Director of Public Policy, Stanford University
Kaliya Young
Co-Founder, Internet Identity Workshop
John deVadoss
Board Member, Global Blockchain Business Council | Former GM, Microsoft Digital
Louise Kirkbride
Trustee, California Institute of Technology
Dan Kolkowitz
Board Member, Stanford Federal Credit Union | Former CTO, Identity Mind
Tom Noyes
Former SVP, Citigroup and Wachovia | Former CEO, Commerce Signals
Chris Boscolo
President, lifeID Foundation | Former Chief Architect, WatchGuard Security
Nick Troiano
Executive Director, Unite America
Scott Armanini
Assistant Professor, University of Southern California | Former VP, Samsung NEXT
Dan Lee
Partner, Debt Advisors Network | Former CRO, Coastal Community Bank


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